Board of Directors

Michael J. Taylor, Chairman of the Board
President and Chief Executive Officer, Friedman Industries, Inc.
Board member since 2016

Durga D. Agrawal
President, Piping Technology & Products Inc.
Board member since 2006
Member of the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nominating Committee 

Max Reichenthal
President, Texas Iron and Metal
Board member since 2008
Chairman of the Compensation Committee, Chairman of the Nominating Committee and Member of the Audit Committee

Joel Spira
Retired, formerly Partner of Weinstein Spira & Company
Board member since 2007
Chairman of the Audit Committee, Member of the Compensation Committee and Member of the Nominating Committee 

Tim Stevenson
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Metal Edge Partners
Board member since 2019 

Joe L. Williams
Partner, PozmantierWilliams Insurance Consultants
Board member since 2000



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